The Live Boy Cam Review

There is a lot of hype around the “Live Boy Cam” BabyCam”. I’ve been listening to the guys on the Internet, trying to decide if this is the product for me. What I found was, it’s a different kind of spy cam then I’ve ever heard of before.

There are some camcorders that are disguised as cameras

spy cam

So I’m not sure if this is one of those camcorders. But, it does have some unique features that I’m a big fan of.

I really like that it has some features that are hidden from view. I love the programming that is available and the options that are available. I like the option to use an external microphone to record audio. This is a nice feature.

It has a built-in GPS unit, but you can also purchase a handheld GPS device that connects to the cam. This way, when you turn your car on, it will send the data to the handheld device. You can record and store the data, and it can still be viewable.

I can turn it on and off at times that are convenient for me. I just enter the times that I want to use it. I can also add programs to the Live Boy Cam.

This kind of gives me a lot of neat things to do when I am out and about

spy cam

When I am running errands or working in the house, I can program in a program, make it my favorite song, then have it record what I’m doing.

If I happen to run into adult entertainment or something that I’m not comfortable with, I can simply choose the record option and put the recording on a CD. It is great that I can store the video and audio separately. Now I can even choose to record audio in its entirety or keep it going at a slower rate.

Another feature I like is the ability to see the video quality while viewing it on the web browser. You can even turn the webcam so that you can see it on your computer monitor or TV screen.

This camcorder has different modes of operation, which is very nice. It has the option to stay clear and still, recording in black and white, or in color and more clear. The color and clarity option is very convenient for me because I can view the quality of the recording while out and about.

The “Live Baby Cam” on the Internet is probably the best baby cam


That I’ve heard of so far. It comes with a built-in microphone, and the recording can be sent directly to your computer. So now, the baby can be observed by you while you are away.

The “Live Baby Cam” that comes with this baby cam is pretty good as well. It is bright and has lots of options to use. It is designed to be able to work indoors, so you can take it out with you when you need to take it outside.

It can be purchased through several online stores, and you can even buy it from online stores. There are many different places to purchase it, so shop around. If you don’t find the “Live Baby Cam” online, you can find it in retail stores.