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Where to Buy Medifast? Know Your Options

Get the most nutritious meals

If you’ve been searching the Internet for information on where to buy Medifast you’re not the only one as this is one of the most popular weight loss programs online. The meals are rich in protein and fiber, and you don’t have to go hungry to lose weight. Not surprisingly, there are now several websites selling these meals, but which is the best?

The Official Website

For the lowest Medifast cost your best bet is the official website. There’s a 30-day money back guarantee so if you’re not satisfied you’re going to get a full refund. In addition to this, the meals are affordable, and in most cases, you’ll be spending less than $10 a day.

If this is your first time, there’s a 2 Week Trial Kit for just $149.95. This kit has 50 nutritious meals including chive mashed potatoes, sour cream, brownie soft bake, Dutch Chocolate Shakes and more. You also get a food journal, the Medifast Achieve Plan Guide and a blender bottle. If you want to get a better idea how much does Medifast cost, this 2 Week Trial Kit has a $5 flat shipping rate, and the retail value is $169.20.

The official website also has a 30 Day Select Kit consisting of shakes, bars, crunchers, Flavors of Home and other goodies when you’re too busy to prepare meals. The 30 Day Select Kit costs $299.95 on the official website compared to the $430.10 full retail value. In addition to the Kit you also receive a dining out guide, the Healthy Living Workbook, a food journal and more.

The cost of Medifast –and the savings- are most apparent with the 30 Day Complete Kit. With a retail value of $538.90, it costs only $399.95 and comes with more than 125 meals, 12 Flavors of Home samples, shakes, cereals, nacho cheese, chocolate pudding and the 300 watt Medifast Blender, plus the Achieve Plan Guide, Snacks Variety Pack, food journal and more. The 30 Day Select and 30 Day Complete Kits are both shipped free.

When you compare the regular cost of these kits to the price they’re being sold online, it’s clearly a bargain, and the free shipping on the two kits is a nice addition.

Other Online Vendors

Aside from the official website, you will also find a number of Medifast meals in other online stores. As was indicated earlier, it’s better to order from the official website if you want to try the sample or complete kits as they’re reliable and affordable. But these other websites like do offer Medifast coupon codes that can save you quite a bit money.

Aside from the savings, online stores also provide you with a convenient place to buy specific products and items. If you don’t want to order an entire kit and just want the Dutch chocolate or the peanut butter crunch bars, these online shops offer good value for the money, and if you’re a long time customer the purchasing process is easier.

If you have been trying to figure out where to buy Medifast you will realize that many of these items are also available on the official website, but sometimes it’s more convenient to shop on a website you’re familiar with or already have an account in. If you have registered in that site and happy with the service, it makes sense to buy on a website you’re comfortable with. If you’re not sure where to buy, here are some tips to help you out.

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Look for Coupons and Codes

A Medifast coupon code is just like the ones you use when shopping for groceries and other stuff online. These are literally thousands of online discount coupons that offer savings (up to $15 or more off), and some of them even offer free meals when you order a specific amount. For instance, there are websites with coupons that offer 14 free meals when you make a $150 purchase.

That’s only one variant, as other coupons offer free shipping for certain orders, and you can also get 4 weeks’ worth of Medifast food while paying for just 3, and this even comes with free shipping. Once you find a Medifast discount code you like, use it the same way you would use other product coupons and codes. When you do find a good code or coupon, use it immediately since these have expiration dates.

There are a lot of websites devoted to these coupons and codes so you won’t have any problems finding one. Make sure the sites you choose are updated regularly so if there are good deals around, you can avail of it.

Tips for Buying Medifast Online

If you’re a first time buyer and going to try Medifast for the first time, go to the official website and order the Two Week Trial Kit. There’s a money back guarantee anyway so if you’re not satisfied you’re getting a refund, so there’s nothing to lose. At this point, your main concern should be to try the weight loss program first to see if it works for you.

If you like the program and proves beneficial – which is likely – it’s time to look around the Net for other websites where it is available. Remember to buy only from reputable stores so you don’t end up with a bogus product. Medifast is already inexpensive so there’s no reason to settle for an imitation.

Aside from making sure the store is reputable, don’t forget to look for the Medifast promo code. The benefits of these have already been pointed out earlier, so they’re definitely worth having, and there are thousands of coupons and codes so you’re not going to be lacking in choices. These coupons do offer different benefits and freebies so look for the one that has what you’re looking for.

You should do the same for website retailers so you’ll get the best value for your money. Remember that these are complete meal replacements so you need to take them on a consistent basis to lose weight. In the end, knowing where to buy Medifast is going to give you big savings down the road.